Flags of War is a small business that I fell into after I was painting some Covenanters and required some flags. After researching the period, I drew  the flags. I then became hooked and other people began to ask me to make them flags . Now we have Flags of War.

As well as gaming and painting, the flags are a big part of what I class as my hobby. Drawing, researching and helping others get what they want for their game tables is the enjoyment I get from it.

As time goes on the site gets bigger and bigger and we have formed some good relationships around the world with other gamers and Historical Miniatures sites where we supply them with flags for their products. Currently we have deals with Empress Miniatures, Galloping Major and Claymore Castings with a few others in the pipeline.

I like to give gamers what they want so if you have some ideas of flags that you would like to see on the site and we will always do our best to get what you want.